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Oriental Yeast was founded in 1929 as Japan's first Bakers’ yeast manufacturer. Since that time it have expanded from providing a variety of food products, starting with yeast, into the animal feed and then biotechnology businesses.
OYC is dedicated to providing the highest quality ingredients to the food and bakery industry and thus invest significant resources to continually develop its ingredient related technologies.
OYC’s core technologies in biotechnology involve in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo with molecular biology or genetic technology as the foundation. Due to the company history in yeast , OYC has made efforts to create current business on the technologies originated from research of yeast. OYC is one of the major providers of high valued products and services to aid drug development and life science research in Japan and overseas. OYC also offer various products and services to pharmaceutical companies such as laboratory animals, feed, culture substrates, safety and pharmacological/therapeutic testing and laboratory animal care. The company has received high acclaim for its precision and reliability in this segment. In recent years it has addressed the need for additional support services for pharmaceutical research by offering genetically modified animals and genetic analysis services. In addition, OYC biochemical such as recombinant enzymes, recombinant human proteins, coenzymes, substrates, and antibodies are used around the world as raw materials in manufacturing of diagnostic reagents. Furthermore, some of our coenzymes (cofactors) are used in manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) through bio-catalysis.

Model No Name Name(ZH) CAS Spec. Abstract
46614902 MDH(P.H.), Suspension 苹果酸脱氢酶(猪心),溶液 bulk specific Activity
45130000 ADP-K 5’-二磷酸腺苷(钾盐) 1g Purity≥95%
46420003 ASOD, Lyophilized 抗坏血酸氧化酶,冻干粉 200 units specific Activity
47346000 IgA,Solution 免疫球蛋白A,溶液 1mg Purity≥97%(HPLC)
46360903 β-Glucosidase, Lyophilized β-葡萄糖苷酶,冻干粉 bulk specific Activity
46664902 PK(R.M.) Pyruvate kinase, from Rabbit muscle 丙酮酸激酶(兔肌) bulk specific Activity
46541905 GR Glutathione reductase, from Yeast,50% Glycerol solution 谷胱甘肽还原酶(酵母),50%甘油 bulk specific Activity
47246000 pA(AB)4 Lyophilized 结合免疫球蛋白G蛋白,冻干粉 10mg Affinity ligand for IgG preparation and analysis usage
46703003 Rco, Lyophilized 重组胆固醇氧化酶(诺卡氏菌科),冻干粉 100 units specific Activity
46665002 PK(R.M.) Pyruvate kinase, from Rabbit muscle 丙酮酸激酶(兔肌) 2500 units specific Activity
46760003 CE(PP) Cholesterol esterase, from Porcine pancreas, Lyophilized 胆固醇酯酶 100 units specific Activity
46762004 rGIDH(NADP),solution 重组谷氨酸脱氢酶NAD(P)+,溶液 600 units specific Activity
46502083 GIDH(B.L.), Lyophilized 谷氨酸脱氢酶NAD(P)+,牛肝,冻干粉 50000 units specific Activity
47164000 SAAP(for EIA) Solution 碱性磷酸酶生物素连接 5000 units specific Activity
46631002 MP Maltose phosphorylase,Suspension 麦芽糖磷酸化酶,溶液 1000 units specific Activity
44104001 Thio-NAD+ 氧化型烟酰胺次黄嘌呤二核苷酸 1g Purity≥92%
46411001 ADH, Lyophilized 乙醇脱氢酶,冻干 75000 units specific Activity
46524003 GOD, Lyophilized 葡萄氧化酶,冻干粉 3000 units specific Activity
44292000 β-NADP+ β-氧化型烟酰胺腺嘌呤二核苷酸磷酸 1g Purity≥93%
46650003 PGluM,Lyophilized 葡萄糖磷酸变位酶,冻干粉 1000 units specific Activity
47245900 pA(AB)4 Lyophilized 结合免疫球蛋白G蛋白,冻干粉 bulk Affinity ligand for IgG preparation and analysis usage
46431003 CK Creatine kinase, from Rabbit muscle, Lyophilized 肌酸激酶 16000 units specific Activity
46500083 GIDH(B.L.), Lyophilized 谷氨酸脱氢酶NAD(P)+,牛肝,冻干粉 5000 units specific Activity
46592022 LDH(R.M.), Suspension L-乳酸脱氢酶(兔肌),溶液 100000 units specific Activity
49103000 Cofactor-I(for S-9 Mix), Cofacor powder 辅因子-I 9ml*10 Contents:MgCl2.6H2O,KCl,G-6-P,NADPH,NADH,Na2HPO4,Na2HPO4.2H2O
46466003 α-GDH, Lyophilized α-磷酸甘油脱氢酶,冻干粉 10000 units specific Activity
47872000 CRP-IgG, Solution 抗人C-反应蛋白抗体,溶液 1ml Purity≥95%(HPLC)
46585082 D-LDH(L.M.), Suspension D-乳酸脱氢酶(肠膜状明串珠菌),溶液 10000 units specific Activity
46818003 Glucoamylase, Lyophilized 葡萄糖化酶,冻干粉 5000 units specific Activity
47755000 rADF, Lyophilized 成人T细胞白血病衍生因子,冻干 1mg specific Activity
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